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be ethical.

stay ethical.

reward ethical.

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Our ongoing goal is to design and build innovative tools that bring you and our planet mutual benefit.

We are dedicated to supporting ethical initiatives and causes whilst providing common platforms and communities to enable our members to make a difference and get rewarded. 

With Tru we've created a concept that not only benefits the planet but those inhabiting it also. #sustainable #plantbased #consciousconsumer

Non profit. All generated income from Tru is distributed into The Truprint Group's network and projects.

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Conscious Businesses. Let our community know about your vegan or vegetarian menu, mindfulness sessions or pro ethical events by joining us today. Our proprietor members receive awards and are invited to our ethical exhibition.

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Welcome to Tru.



Our annual Tru Exhibitions are the ultimate events for all ethically minded businesses who are looking to grow and prosper. 


Whether you're an existing business looking to grow, a business in the early stages, or if you want to explore the possibilities of starting your own company - you'll find something of interest at Tru Expo.

Each year Tru evolves into Tru Expo and opens it's doors to it's community and other ethically minded people and businesses to connect, share and engage on topics regarding social-ethical impact.

Throughout the exhibition you can expect to hear from a range of speakers, entertainment and an exciting range of exhibitors lined up.

During the event we will be announcing and handing out to the winners of the Tru Award for their efforts towards enabling ethical impact, change and acknowledgement.

Based in

The informative paper for socio-ethical impact and acknowledgement.

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