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- Albert Einstein

Soap Bars: The Eco-Friendly Option for Fighting Viruses

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Ellie Chivers discovers how soap bars are better for the environment and in the fight against coronavirus | Nature and Environmental

Photo by Anne Nygard

It’s been drilled into us for weeks now – ‘stay two metres apart from other people’ ‘stay inside as much as possible’, and of course, ‘wash your hands!’

Bottled soap is becoming increasingly hard to come by, so you might be wondering how it is possible for us to keep our hands sufficiently clean during the coronavirus pandemic.

But hiding in plain sight on those sad, scarce shelves may be a saviour in disguise: a bar of soap. It can do the job just as well, while also being much more beneficial for Planet Earth.

Doesn’t bar soap transmit germs?

When you and your family are using one bar of soap between you, you may come to the conclusion that one user’s germs will quickly be transferred to the next. In fact, this is not the case. One of the more in-depth studies into this was conducted in 1965, with the results showing that no matter the amount of bacteria on a bar of soap, there would be no health risk to subsequent users.

Whereas bacteria could exist on the pump of a liquid soap bottle, the surface of a bar of soap is simply not a habitable place for bacteria, so bars of soap maybe in fact be a superior alternative.