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Sweden Goes Coal-Free Two Years Ahead of Schedule

Ben Dolbear discusses the latest development in the green energy revolution sweeping across Western Europe.

Photo by Unknown | Pixabay

Sweden, which had previously pledged to become coal-free by 2022, earlier this month closed its final coal-fired plant, making it the third coal-free country in Europe, after only Belgium and Austria.

The coal-fired plant, located in Hjorthagen, eastern Stockholm, and owned by power utility Stockholm Exergi, closed its doors for the last time in mid-April. This meant that the co-generation plant KVV6, which houses two boiler rooms, became the very last coal-fired plant in the Nordic state to shut, enabling the Swedish energy firm to meet its ambitious target of a coal-free economy by 2022 over two years early.

Stockholm Exergi, jointly owned by the City of Stockholm and Finnish private energy firm Fortum Oyj, now say that the plan is to carry on towards the path of climate neutrality, specifically by expanding renewable energy generation.

Challenges Ahead

However, the company has expressed concern at a lack of progress in this regard, and as a major supplier of heat and electricity within the Swedish capital, there