"In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."


Charles Darwin


Since 2017 the volunteers of Tru. have helped inform people around the world about the pressing topics of our time. Topics such as but not limited to: mental health, climate change, sustainability and sentient rights.


Our philosophy is much bigger than just talking about socio-ethical issues though, our ongoing goal is to create innovative tools and frameworks that support people, the planet and animals alike.

Who are the people behind Tru?

We are a small but tight-knit, talented group of volunteers with a shared vision of delivering social-ethical impact and acknowledgement | You can find more information at | www.tru.org.uk/team

Can I give you feedback?

Your opinion is important to us and we will use your feedback to make improvements for future projects, products and services | www.tru.org.uk/feedback

Are we not-for-profit?

Yes - Tru is a trademark of The Truprint Group - a community interest company (CIC).

How does Tru. make an impact?

We invest 100% of the revenue we generate to directly fund other projects and initiatives to help support the collective impact the planet desperately needs.

Can I help?

Yes - you can help by becoming an Advocate today. An Advocate is someone who invests in the individuals, journalism and projects Tru produces whilst offering real measurable change in return.


From £2 per month | www.tru.org.uk/advocate


Founder | Ellis Jackson

Editor | Kate Byng-Hall

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The informative hub for socio-ethical impact and acknowledgement.

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We are a project and trademark of The Truprint Group a Community Interest Company | CIC.