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Coming 2019

We recognise that people no longer accept and trust in traditional channels of information and have grown sceptical of what true agenda really underpins them, naturally creating demand for a new age of transparency and integrity, which is where we come in.

The Truprint Magazine is a transparent flick through that offers wider ethical insight and acknowledgement into topics that matter. We're focused on consolidating information and simplifying it into digestible content, always focusing on the bigger picture.

Non profit. All generated income from our magazine is distributed into The Truprint Group's network and projects.

Readers. Our mission is to over come ignorance, by innovating the way information is projected and how it is digested.

Writers. Our writers are passionate about social-ethical innovation and impact and are dedicated to bringing the reader innovative insight.


Submissions. If you'd like to get involved or send in some content for consideration, we'd love to hear from you.

It's easy. Download and follow our editors guidelines and

email it to contact@thetruprintgroup.org

Self editing and tone of voice guidelines.