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We are an innovative paper with an aim of aiding ones individual right to self-determination and choice. Through research and education, we hope to enable everyone to be informed on the topics that matter.


Part of our mission is to aid in the regeneration of neglected spaces for the benefit of the owner, nature, and local communities.

Editor | Mia Caisley

Deputy Editor | Ziryan Aziz

Collaborative change starts with journalism, 

and grows with you.

Spaces by Tru.


We're a socio-ethical company that advocates for those topics that matter, whilst helping to create a more balanced, informed and empowered society for the future.

Collaborative change starts with journalism, and grows with you. Not-for-profit because our priority is you.

Stay informed with Tru.

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We are dedicated to socio-ethical innovation, advocacy and action in order to start meeting the needs of the present, and to secure the aspirations of our future.

You can offer assistance in helping us achieve

our goals, by becoming an advocate today.

Our mission is to educate and

innovate society.

All proceeds go towards not-for-profit projects and initiatives

Our projects are designed with you and the planet in mind.

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The Truprint Group

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"In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."


- Charles Darwin

Photo by Brandi Redd

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