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- Albert Einstein

Greenland is Melting: 1 Million Tonnes of Ice Lost Every Minute in 2019

Elena Liciu looks closer at the report of Greenlands record-breaking ice loss and the reasons why.

Photo by Annie Spratt

2019 marked record high melting rates for Greenland’s ice sheets. Satellite data shows 96% of the ice sheets in the country underwent melting, resulting in 532 billion tonnes of ice being lost throughout the year, equivalent to a million tonnes every minute

This amount of ice loss is double the normal levels previously recorded, and is extremely concerning because it contributed to raising global sea levels by 1.5 millimetres.  Despite not sounding like a significant change, this water increase would be enough to fill 218.8 million Olympic-sized swimming pools. Scientists fear that if no regulatory measures are put in place, the drastic increase of melting rates will only accelerate, with estimates being made that the Greenland ice sheets will be completely lost in a matter of centuries. 

Rising Water Levels 

NASA scientist Alex Gardner labelled ice cap loss as having ‘huge’ global effects