“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." 

- Albert Einstein

Peace to Pandemic: NHS Deserves More Than Applause

Updated: Jan 13

Georgie Chantrell-Plant reveals some of the cracks illuminated by the 'Clap for Carers' movement.

Photo by Luke Jones

Starting on the 26th March, near the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, a national movement swept across the country as millions took to their doorsteps to take part in a weekly clap for our NHS Heroes on the healthcare frontline – the Clap for Carers

This lasted for 10 weeks with each instance becoming more and more powerful, evolving into a symbolic break from the monotony and severity of lockdown. 

A shining light of hope for the country and its residents, with mottos such as “Thank You NHS” and “NHS Heroes”, the weekly round of applause presented the narrative of a huge swell of appreciation for all of the doctors, nurses, paramedics and healthcare assistants up and down the country for saving countless lives. 

The event was first established by Londoner Annemarie Plas, who desired to give something back and show some much-needed and deserved appreciation for all frontline and key workers during the crisis. The feeling of gratitude across Britain while everyone joined together to applaud our heroes was palpable.