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- Albert Einstein

Request to UK Gov: Put Warnings on Fossil Fuels

Ben Dolbear reports on the unprecedented article published in the British Medical Journal calling on the government to put cigarette-style health warnings on fossil fuels.

Photo by Skittlephoto

Britain's leading medical journal has published an unprecedented article arguing for further regulation on fossil fuels, including cigarette-style health warnings.

The article, published by a group of scientists headed by Mike Gill, outlines the urgency of the call by emphasising why global emissions must fall in order that the Earth sees a necessary temperature reduction to 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

The 'low cost, scalable intervention' involves the use of clear warning labels at points of purchase of fossil fuel energy services, from petrol stations to airline ticket checkouts.

The move, which would be enforced by government in a similar style to heavily regulated cigarette labelling, should also be extended to energy bills with clear wording expressing that continuing to burn fossil fuels will only worsen the climate emergency, bringing global catastrophe ever closer, according to the authors.

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