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- Albert Einstein

Say Your Goodbyes to the Dairy Industry – It Could Be Gone in 10 Years

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Ellie Chivers Predicts The Collapse Of The Dairy Industry.

Photo by Pricilla Du Preeze

Giving up dairy – something that sounds like an impossible challenge for a lot of people, myself included. How could we go without the frothy cow’s milk in our morning coffees, or the stringy cheese in our lunchtime toasties? But, as I sit here with my soya milk tea, it hits me how accessible the dairy-free way of life has come. And so many others have welcomed it with open arms too – which has knocked the dairy industry for six. 

Experts are now suggesting the dairy industry could completely die out, fating its disappearance in 10 years’ time. We have already seen the milk industry take a dramatic nosedive, with sales declining by 22% in the US between 2000 and 2016. Meanwhile, the popularity of dairy-free milk alternatives is on the incline, with a 9% increase in sales in 2018. 

But why is this happening? No doubt part of it is down to the major veganism movement – according to The Vegan Society, the search for ‘vegan’ quadrupled over 2012 and 2017, proving more popular than ‘vegetarian’ or ‘gluten-free’.

The feeling towards dairy products has become increasingly more hostile, and this has had a huge impact on the industry.