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- Albert Einstein

Single-Use Plastic Bans Coming into Force Globally

Updated: Jan 13

Sarah Clifford-Smith sheds light on the action being taken around the world to ban single-use plastics..

Photo by Javardh

In March 2019, the European parliament approved a law that would ban the use of all single-use plastics across the EU by 2021; the law includes plates, straws, cutlery and cotton buds.

This ban is not the first step EU countries have taken towards going plastic-free, however, it is one of the broadest actions proposed thus far, and should reduce plastic consumption significantly. 

In March this year, Germany took action on this law, placing a ban on the most commonly found types of single-use plastic waste. The ban covers single-use cutlery, plates, straws, cotton buds, oxo-degradable plastics, food containers, polystyrene cups and balloon sticks, and comes into effect in July 2021.

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