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Bristol: Home of Banksy and Now the Vegan Capital of The World

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Health and Nutrition Writer: Ellie Chivers Explores The English City Dominating The Vegan Scene.

Photo by Matthew Gerrard

When I think where the most ‘vegan’ place in the world could be, some major metropolis packed with "millennials" or ‘hippies’ come to mind – perhaps Brighton, L.A or Sydney.

Research has revealed that the most ‘vegan’ city in the world is the one and only Bristol.  This might sound a bit of an unlikely reality to many who haven't visited, but after delving deeper into Bristol’s sub-culture, it really is no surprise.

Viva! – the animal rights group – is based in Bristol, alongside a surplus of independent vegan lounges, restaurants and shops. Only 27 miles away from Glastonbury, Bristol has earned it'self a reputation for many things, having a great nightlife and a diverse culture.

The researchers Chef’s Pencil: An online congregation of chefs who share their favourite recipes believe;

"It is thought that the Veganuary campaign, where people eat vegan for the month of January, has contributed substantially to the rise of veganism in the UK,".

The research was carried out using Google Trends, and found Bristol had the most concentrated number of searches for vegan-related things. 

Global Change

Veganism has been felt globally, and can in part can be credited to some high-profile documentaries such as ‘What The Health,’ ‘Cowspiracy’ and ‘Food inc" which many have said have had an impact on turning them vegan.

One in five under 30s in Sweden now class themselves as vegan, and vegan companies in New Zealand are apparently struggling to cope with demand. As for the UK itself, we hold the title of ‘second-most vegan country in the world’, biting at Australia’s heels. Our country also houses 5 of the world’s 20 most vegan cities.

All in all, if you want your vegan fix, Bristol is the place to go.

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