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- Albert Einstein

UK Government Pauses Fracking

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Ben Dolbear reveals more about the welcomed announcement from the UK Government | Innovation and Sustainability

Photo by Ian Simmons

The UK government has put a pause on all fracking, citing fears that earth tremors risk causing too much disruption among local communities.

The news from the UK government comes at the same time that leading Democratic candidates in the US presidential election are promising to put a fracking ban in place, leading to a furious backlash from American oil corporations Exxon and Chevron.

The Green Party has described the move as ‘very, very welcome’, but have expressed concern that the move may be overturned after the general election result in mid-December.

Writing on Twitter, co-leader of the Greens Sian Berry wrote, ‘[b]anning fracking is for life, not just for Christmas’. In addition to this criticism, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn condemned the ban as ‘an election stunt to try and win a few votes’, perhaps in a reference to conversations at the Conservative Party conference earlier this year which aired ‘the potential for fracking to affect up to 200 electoral districts, 40 of them marginal’.

Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to the UK’s only active fracking site in September 2019 calling it the “burgeoning catastrophe” of global warming.