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- Albert Einstein

Capitalism Must Change for Climate Crisis to Stop says UN Report

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Societal and Consciousness Writer: Katie Byng-Hall Investigates The Wider Attributions Surrounding The UN Report

Photo by Daryan Shamkhali

The UN has released a report into how the world can battle climate change through becoming more sustainable, in order to inform their GSDR (Global Sustainable Development Report). Biophysicists at the BIOS Research Unit in Finland have drawn damning conclusions about our society, stating that climate change cannot be combatted if capitalism continues to be the dominant structure of the world's economy.

Capitalism is a system geared around generating profit as the top priority. Competition is a key element of the system, meaning that companies generally eliminate any factors which reduce profit in order to keep up with their rivals. As renewable energy resources have a low EROI (energy return on investment), meaning that they cost more to use than fossil fuels, companies often overlook more sustainable options for the sake of not losing money.

The Finnish researchers have condemned capitalism's frequent assumption that fossil fuels are always readily available and cheap, and have urged states to initiate