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- Albert Einstein

Pollinators Poisoned as Pesticide Companies Profit

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Sarah Clifford investigates the controversial farming methods of managing "pests" and other unwanted rodents, weeds and fungi.

Photo by Emre Gencer

The world’s five largest pesticide companies are making roughly 35% of their profits from the sale of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs). These companies are all members of CropLife International, a combination of different agricultural companies.

CropLife say that HHPs are a vital tool to support the growing population on earth, and that they educate their customers on the safety precautions needed to use such chemicals before they sell them, however the number of health problems and environmental issues believed to be caused by HHPs speaks otherwise.

What are Highly Hazardous Pesticides?

Many pesticides are classed as hazardous, however HHPs are those that cause disproportionate harm to the environment, meaning that even small doses can cause serious harm to habitats and/or human health.