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China and US Lead Global Wind Capacity Surge

Ben Dolbear reviews the latest GWEC annual report.

Photo by Aaron Staes

The annual Global Wind Report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has revealed positive progress in some of the world's largest economies, with China and the United States leading the wind energy revolution.

The headline of the report is undoubtedly the impressive fact that last year, wind has its second best year in the history of renewable energy, boasting a nineteen percent increase in wind installations between January and December.

This amounts to a surge of over sixty gigawatts of energy globally, equivalent to double the demand for electricity in the entire United Kingdom. This means that total capacity for wind generation now stands at 651 gigawatts, which is an unprecedented 10% growth since the turn of last decade.

Notable among new installations was offshore wind, with one in ten new wind farms being built away from land. This type of installation benefits from the sea breeze effect, and is thought to be more efficient that onshore wind generation because of the enhanced reliability of wind direction and speed.